David A Gregory

So here we have yet another Soap Opera Star, yes I know I watch them way too much (my mother tells me that all the time lol), but I have to admit that despite all the over the top drama and often poor acting/script-writing many of the Soaps have a high quantity and quality of hot guys who often parade shirtless. David is a perfect example. He was raised in Alaska with his two brothers (David is the middle child). He had some experience in acting while growing up and so moved to New York right after college to continue acting professionally. He is best known as Robert Ford from One Life to Live and as Kyle Ferrell in Deception. David’s career is still rather new and we wish all the luck in the world to get doing what he loves.

Thank you to One Life to Live for this lovely picture 😉 .

If only David was gay (in reality or in this scene) this picture would be so much better. For the record (in case anyone reading doesn’t know) Scott Evans is the openly gay actor with his hands all over our boy David. I never saw this episode unfortunately so I can’t explain what was going on to make this look so guilty. LOL

*This is an addition to the post dated December 9th 2013… So eventually I watched a youtube clip showing this scene in One Life to Live between David and Scott. And the story is rather funny. Scott’s character was openly gay and David’s was openly cock-teasing him. Here’s that video clip:


This ends the addition 🙂 *

If you’ve seen any of my other posts I think you’ll notice a typical pattern in my selections of guys, athletically muscular, sharp/angular facial features and dark hair. Well David Gregory is definitely no exception to that rule.

No comment….

You know it’s actually kind of hard to find pictures of David with a shirt on… 😉 Is anyone complaining?

And I think I’ll end it here. 😉

I can’t post a T-shirt quite yet since my computer is broken right now. I’m just going to have to make do with borrowing a pc that doesn’t have any photo software. When I can though I’ll add a nice T-shirt for David :).

Take care everyone.


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